Value of gross output of agriculture sector registered an annual growth rate of 11.1 per cent to RM91.2 billion

Gross output of agriculture sector in 2017 was RM91.2 billion, an increase of 11.1 per cent per year compared to RM73.9 billion in 2015. Value added for this sector also increased to RM54.9 billion and value of intermediate input also increased by 6.0 per cent per year from RM32.4 billion to RM36.3 billion within the same period.

The agriculture sector provides job opportunities to 835,974 people, showed an annual growth of 37.1 per cent with salaries & wages paid recorded an increase to RM10.4 billion as compared to RM7.90 billion in 2015. This sector recorded an increase in the average monthly salaries of 0.5 per cent to RM1,519 in 2017.

Crops sub-sector was the main contributor with RM67.8 billion contributed to the value of gross output followed by livestock (RM15.2 billion), forestry & logging (RM5.8 billion) and fisheries sub-sector (RM2.4 billion).

Source: Department of Statistics Malaysia