Proven veterinary products ensure health of animal industry expert (Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines – As a predominantly agricultural economy, the Philippines is considered one of the few countries in the Asean region that is declared FMD-free and bird flu free a competitive advantage that must be preserved and enhanced as the advent of the Asean Economic Community draws nearer, according to an animal health and nutrition expert.

Dr. Elcid Paraso, a veterinarian, said one of the most tangible ways to strengthen the Philippine animal industry is to use veterinary products that have been proven and trusted by experts and consumers in protecting animals from diseases to ensure farm productivity, food safety for consumers and ultimately profitability for raisers.

“There is a need to inform consumers that they must patronize veterinary products that are not only reliable and effective but can be used in a wide range of animals like swine, poultry and even game fowls because such informed decision benefits not only individual animal raisers but the whole industry as well,” he said.

He cited the Vetracin line of products which has been in the market for about 40 years and is the dominant market leader in the water soluble antibiotic-vitamin supplement for swine, poultry and game fowl because it has been proven to protect animals from diseases.

“Vetracin has been the leading and trusted antibiotic-vitamin supplement in the market in the past four decades simply because it has been proven reliable in building the resistance of swine, broiler and layer chickens as well as game fowls,” he said.

“For the Philippine farm sector to remain competitive in the upcoming Asean market harmonization, we need to be more productive. And an essential ingredient in improving productivity and successful health management program is the use of trusted and tested animal healthcare products,” Paraso said.

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Indeed, Vetracin has been the reliable and trusted partner of veterinarians, poultry and swine raisers, as well as game fowl breeders and commercial farm owners towards ensuring successful animal business operations.

Because of its reliability, Vetracin is currently offered in four variants: Gold, Premium, Classic and Ultima, each designed for specific use depending on the needs and severity of the disease, especially for young animals which are most prone to serious ailments, according to Dr. Ritzelle Capili, head of Univet’s swine business unit.

Capili said Vetracin is one of the banner brands of Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Co. or Unahco which is celebrating its 50 years in the industry this year with the theme, “Kaagapay Sa Tagumpay”.

Unahco, an ISO-certified company, is a subsidiary of pharmaceutical industry leader Unilab.

“Unahco offers consumers and dealers an expanding line of trusted, reliable and quality veterinary products. We are confident that Vetracin will satisfy the needs of livestock raisers and game fowl breeders because they are affordable, effective and safe, and the public is assured of good quality because it is from Unacho,” Capili said.