OIC speaks for Rohingyas

THE Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Thursday called on Myanmar to ‘take decisive steps’ to tackle the Rohingya crisis. An extraordinary session of OIC Council of Foreign Ministers expressed ‘grave concern’ over eruption of violence in northern Rakhine state, which has resulted in the loss of life and displaced tens of thousands of Rohingya people. It called on Myanmar government to ensure that security forces act in accordance with the rule of law and that all perpetrators of violence be held accountable.

Rohingyas are suffering since long and international community has been watching their plight as a silent spectator. It is, therefore, good that OIC not only convened an extraordinary meeting of Foreign Ministers to discuss this burning issue involving worst kind of human rights violations but also agreed upon a line of action which, if implemented, would help mitigate sufferings of Rohingyas to some extent. Most important is the decision to send a high-level delegation from OIC Contact Group to visit Rakhine State to meet local officials and affected Rohingya Muslim minority. In this regard, the meeting further requested cooperation of the Government of Myanmar to receive this visit. Such a visit was long due, as it would provide an opportunity to get firsthand information of what is happening to these oppressed human souls and how their rights could be safeguarded and restored. We hope Government of Myanmar would facilitate this fact-finding mission if it has nothing to hide. The decision that OIC Secretary General would explore joint initiatives with his counterparts in the UN and ASEAN, that can support the Government of Myanmar to develop and implement inter-faith and inter-communal dialogues in the country and in the wider Southeast Asian region is also a step in the right direction. All these are soft diplomatic proposals and if these are not reciprocated in same spirit by Myanmar, then the OIC must take collective punitive measures against the country.

Source: Pakistan Observer