Myanmar suppresses truth

THE interim report of a Commission, set up by Myanmar itself to

probe allegations of widespread abuse of human rights of Rohingya minority, is not only a crude attempt to hoodwink the international community but also amounts to rubbing salt on the wounds of those who have been bearing brunt of atrocities in Rakhine State since 2012.

Ironically, as independent media all over the world has reported tales of gory incidents of killing and rape, the Commission says it has so far found no evidence of genocide against Rohingya and that there was not enough evidence to support widespread rape allegations. It did not mention claims that security forces had been killing people. This is far from truth and reflects poorly on a leader who was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. If the situation is so satisfactory then the question arises as to why Myanmar Government is not allowing journalists and fact-finding missions to visit Rakhine State to have firsthand knowledge of what is happening to these hapless souls. Why about one hundred thousands have been displaced and fifty thousand fled to neighbouring Bangladesh. These refugees face widespread discrimination and mistreatment, drawing condemnation from international community. Over a dozen Nobel laureates wrote to the UN Security Council demanding action to stop the “human tragedy amounting to ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity” in northern Rakhine. Activists have condemned lack of a firm international response especially by the UN and ASEAN. Some have described the situation as South East Asia’s Srebrenica, referring to the July 1995 massacre of more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslims who were meant to be under UN protection. The report of the Commission means denial of justice to Rohingyas and continuation of crimes perpetrated against them and therefore, calls for an urgent action on part of international community to save Rohingyas from total extinction.

Source: Pakistan Observer