Malaysian Startups Aims To Help People Earn Extra Income From Home

KUALA LUMPUR, None of us did see Covid-19 coming. But the founders of Kuala Lumpur based startup clearly showed a sixth sense when launching their new venture in January this year. The vision is to help people generate extra income by reviewing consumer products and share it on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. With an increasing number of people looking for extra sources of income these days, has certainly risen as a way of providing monetary assistance for many.

Influencer marketing – a lucrative and glamorous job that only top celebrities with millions of followers are fortunate enough to land exclusive deals and sponsorships. “We wanted to change the general perception that earning money on social media is only for top celebrities. Nowadays everyone can become a KOL (Key Opinion Leader). Brands around the world are increasingly open to work with tier-2 & tier-3 KOLs. You don’t need millions of followers to earn money, 10k followers is enough to start. As long as you can create creative content and deliver new customers & generate sales for those brands & advertisers.” said the founding team.



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