LeddarTech Announces Volume Production Of The Leddar Pixell Cocoon LiDAR With Manufacturing Partner Clarion Malaysia, A Member Of The Faurecia Clarion Electronics Business Group

QUEBEC CITY, LeddarTech®, an industry leader in LiDAR technology who provides the most versatile and scalable auto and mobility LiDAR platform, announces it will begin volume production of the Leddar Pixell Cocoon LiDAR Module with their selected partner Clarion Malaysia, a member of Faurecia Clarion Electronics, a business Group of Faurecia.

The Leddar Pixell is an award-winning 3D solid-state flash LiDAR with a field-of-view of 180-degree designed and tested for off-road, shuttles, robotaxis, delivery, commercial and heavy industry vehicles in addition to other robotic and automated applications where solid-state LiDAR is the best 3D sensing option. The Leddar Pixell provides highly reliable detection of pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles in the vehicle’s vicinity and is ideal for use in perception platforms that are meant to ensure the safety and protection of vulnerable road users (VRU). The Leddar Pixell is an optimal detection cocoon solution for autonomous vehicle deployment and has already been adopted by leading autonomous vehicle providers in North America, Asia and Europe.



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