Don’t be greedy to the extent of committing corruption – Dr Mahathir

MELAKA, June 10 (Bernama) � Civil servants must avoid from being greedy to the extent of committing corruption, be patient and not be short tempered when dealing with the public, and discharge one’s duty whole-heartedly as it is a trust, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said the government viewed seriously issues concerning corrupt practices and power abuse in the civil service, thus it was the responsibility of everyone to check the issue right down to the roots.

He said the National Anti-Corruption Plan which was comprehensive had been drawn up recently as a reminder and warning to all leaders that Malaysia and its people did not accept corrupt practices totally.

Such efforts cannot be achieved easily and quickly, but it must begin by placing the fundamentals that will form the culture and system based on governance and integrity, he said here today.

He said this in his keynote address at the Prime Minister’s Gathering With Melaka State Civil Servants at Dewan Seri Negeri, Ayer Keroh here which was also attended by Melaka Chief Minister Adly Zahari, and Exco members.

Dr Mahathir said among the necessary measures taken to tackle corruption were enhancing effectiveness and transparency in government purchases, institutionalising the credibility of enforcement agencies, strengthening political accountability and integrity, developing good governance in corporate entities, strengthening efficiency in service delivery and enhancing credibility in the legal and judicial system.

He said the values and principles emphasised in the months of Ramadan and Syawal were closely linked to the attitudes and actions of the civil servants where the most important was controlling the desire that was most crucial in implementing the responsibilities and trusts accorded.

I work because I believe it is a service and I continue to work, although I had retired previously, because there is no fullstop in performing a service. When we accept work, we perform a trust and responsibility as well as service, so we will work harder and hope for God’s blessing.

As a civil servant, ethical values, character and high integrity are key and must be appreciated and practiced by everyone. Although private sector employees are also hoped to have similar values, the burden is placed more on the shoulders of civil servants, he said.

Dr Mahathir said if civil servants did not look after the trusts placed on them, then the government administrative machinery would face problems and eventually affect public confidence on them and bring down the image of the civil service as a whole.

In view of this, he said, the government and the people especially placed high hopes on the civil servants to become a clean, efficient and trustworthy administrative machinery.

We must also be sensitive to and concerned with all laws, regulations as well as circulars which are in force especially concerning our own role. This is to avoid making decisions that are beyond our jurisdiction, he added.

Source: Office of the Prime Minster Malaysia