Daily Archives: January 2, 2021

Roundup: 2020 Witnessed Growing Cooperation Between Egypt, China In Fighting COVID-19

CAIRO, The outgoing 2020 bore witness to the growing cooperation between Egypt and China, in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, that hit the whole world over the past 12 months. Hours before the New Year began, China and Egypt signed a letter of intent for cooperation on anti-coronavirus vaccines, after the North African country received a

Global COVID-19 Cases Pass 84 million With One-fourth in US

The Johns Hopkins Resource Center reported early Saturday that there are more than 84 million global COVID-19 cases.  The U.S. continues to have more cases than anyplace else with more than 20 million infections, approximately one-fourth of the world’s cases.  India records the second-highest toll, with more than 10 million cases, followed by Brazil with

US Closes Key Money-laundering, Tax Evasion Path

WASHINGTON – A major avenue for global money laundering and tax evasion has been closed off by a new law requiring disclosure of owners of U.S. shell companies used to hide billions of dollars. The Corporate Transparency Act was included in the U.S. defense appropriations bill that Congress passed into law late Friday, overriding President