2021 China-ASEAN New Year Greetings Cooperation Series Activities Held

China Economic Times (Reporter Wang Jingjing) On April 16, the 2021 China-ASEAN Spring Festival cooperation activities were held in Beijing. The ASEAN Beijing Committee composed of the embassies of ASEAN countries in China and the China-ASEAN Business Council co-sponsored. Brunei Ambassador to China Rahmani said that 2021 is an important milestone year for the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the dialogue relationship between ASEAN and China. The two sides have huge potential and prospects for cooperation and development.

In his opening speech, Rahmani mentioned that, as the rotating ASEAN chairmanship in 2021, Brunei has proposed the ASEAN 2021 theme “common attention, common response, and common prosperity”, which is in line with the current promotion of ASEAN economy in the fight against the epidemic. The urgent task of recovery, this challenging task can only be achieved with the continuous joint efforts of ASEAN and its dialogue partners, including China.

Rahmani said that in the past 20 years, the China-ASEAN Spring Festival cooperation activities have been jointly organized by the embassies of ASEAN countries in China and the China-ASEAN Business Council every year. During this period, the award ceremony and the economic and trade cooperation between ASEAN and China will be held every year. The matchmaking meeting is an effective platform for sharing experience and encouraging economic and trade cooperation between the two sides; the establishment of the RCEP Industrial Cooperation Committee held at the same time this year will provide business support for the effective promotion of industrial matching and cooperation, tapping the potential of regional cooperation, and promoting regional economic recovery.

Xu Ningning, executive director of the   China -ASEAN Business Council, suggested in his speech that both parties should focus on long-term cooperation and focus on short-term cooperation. Focusing on long-term cooperation, both parties should jointly implement the cooperation consensus reached, including the “China-ASEAN Strategic Partnership Vision 2030″, and the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Joint Declaration on China-ASEAN Strategic Partnership for Peace and Prosperity (2021-2025). )” “China-ASEAN Joint Statement on Docking Cooperation between the “One Belt One Road” Initiative and the “ASEAN Interconnection Master Plan 2025″”, etc., taking the 30th anniversary of the establishment of China-ASEAN dialogue partnership in 2021 as an opportunity to create more effective cooperation The next 30 years.

Focusing on the near-term cooperation, we need to focus on the joint fight against the epidemic and economic recovery. These are the two major themes of the cooperation between the two sides; the need for high-quality joint construction of the “Belt and Road” and the development of the ASEAN Community are organically integrated. This is an important measure for cooperation between the two sides; we need to work together to advance The opening of the RCEP region is an effective way to open up greater space for cooperation between the two parties; it is necessary to enhance strategic mutual trust and achieve mutually beneficial development. This is the fundamental guarantee and motivation for cooperation between the two parties. At present, in particular, it is necessary for China to build a new development pattern and to do detailed and practical cooperation with the “ASEAN Comprehensive Recovery Framework”. This is the action requirement for both sides to improve the level of seizing opportunities and responding to challenges.

A series of activities held the China (Shanxi) -ASEAN Economic and Trade Cooperation Matchmaking Meeting. The Vice Governors of Shanxi Province Lu Dongliang, Xu Ningning, Cambodian Ambassador to China Kay Sisoda, Lao Ambassador to China Kambau Ntawan gave speeches, fully affirmed China’s Shanxi Province and ASEAN countries have great potential for economic and trade cooperation, and the prospects for enhancing cooperation are promising. The leaders of Shanxi Changzhi High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee and Huayuan International Land Port Group introduced business opportunities in their speeches and expressed their desire for economic and trade cooperation with ASEAN countries. The China-ASEAN Business Council and Shanxi Council for the Promotion of International Trade signed a memorandum of cooperation.

Lu Dongliang said in his speech that in 2020, a quarter of Shanxi’s foreign trade imports and exports will come from RCEP member countries. Shanxi and ASEAN countries are highly complementary in economy and trade. The two sides have a broad space for cooperation, especially in digital economy, infrastructure construction, equipment manufacturing, coal chemical industry, and development of characteristic agricultural products. In the joint construction of the “Belt and Road”, the cooperation between the two parties will also continue to achieve new and greater results.

The award ceremony was held at the series of events. The organizers respectively awarded the “2020 China-ASEAN Anti-epidemic China Economic Cooperative Association Contribution Award”, “2020 China-ASEAN Anti-epidemic China Economic Cooperation Enterprise Contribution Award”, and “2020 China-ASEAN Anti-epidemic China Economic Cooperative Enterprise Contribution Award”. Contribution Award of Provinces and Cities for Economic Cooperation in Anti-epidemic Cooperation” and “2020 China-ASEAN Cooperation Anti-epidemic Propaganda Contribution Award”.

In an interview with reporters, Xu Ningning said that in 2020, China-ASEAN will move forward in economic and trade cooperation in anti-epidemic cooperation, and being the largest trading partner of each other fully demonstrates the results of cooperation. 2021 is the year of China-ASEAN sustainable development cooperation, and the cooperation between the two sides is showing a more stable, more active and larger development prospect. In the first quarter of this year, ASEAN continued to maintain its position as China’s largest trading partner. The bilateral trade volume increased by 26% year-on-year, and its trade with 9 of the 10 ASEAN countries achieved double-digit growth, demonstrating the economic and trade cooperation between the two sides. vitality.



Source: China – ASEAN Business Council